Architecture and Building Engineering
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Umm Al- Qura University - Makkah


Discipline : Educational


Design Review and Construction Supervision of the following construction Packages: Package 1-A: site grading for the main campus of the male academic center; construction of embankment across Wadi Human at eastern eand of site and excavation of channel through saddle area for redirected Wadi flow. Package 1-AA: Site utilities (infrastructure): Multi-deck parking structure for 1,260 cars with attached chiller plant; wastewater treatment plant, water storege and pumping facilities.

Package 1-B: Building Area of 70,000 sqm comprising of the College of Engineering in 3 storeys; College of Shariah in 3 storeys; College of Shariah Annex in 2 storeys; Mosque; Spine Arched & Wind Towers of 540 meters long & 10.5 meters wide; Spine Tunnel & Utility Services of 540 meters long, 10.5 meters wide & 15 meters high; Site Work; Infrastructure & Landscaping.